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Posted on October 27, 2010 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This is my first post.


My name is Klaus and I live in Vienna in Austria.


When I was around 3 years old, it must have been the year 1983, my father bought a brand new TI-99/4A for our home with just a bunch of cartridges, a tape recorder and a pair of joysticks.


Until 1994, the TI-99 was the only computer for our home. The collection grew and grew.


Books, Magazines, Expansion Box, Memory Expansion, Disk Drives, Cartridge Collection, the Big Disk Program Collection. My mother used to call the Expansion Box “Mikrowelle” because it looked like one to her.


My brother and I were really interested in it, and programmed a lot in Extended Basic. Programming Assembler was simply too much for us, due to lack in propably both, english knowledge and technical skills.


In the year 1994 we demanded a IBM Personal Computer, an Intel 486, the TI-99 had to make room for his successor. We regret this step greatly, because it is all gone now.


In 2009 my brother, his little son and I attended the International TI-99/4A and Geneve User Meeting in Vienna for a few hours. What can we say? All three of us got in love with the real system again! Emulation is simply not the same. The other attendees were so kind and donated us a basic setup, a TI-99/4A with a pair of Joysticks and Speech Synthesizer. One of the members of germany even promised to send us some gaming cartridges.


Of course I wanted a Texas Instruments as well, and as time went bye, the demand got higher and higher. On the 17th october 2010 I bought one on ebay. It looks like brand new on the photos, it’s a black PAL model. Now I am waiting for the console to arrive.


I bought a Compact Flash Drive/RS232 Port (CF7+) as well, now called nanoPEB, via ebay! This item has not arrived yet.


Can’t wait to play with this stuff!