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Austrian Prices from the 80's

Posted on December 15, 2010 at 1:49 PM

I asked my father to look in his archives/records about at what time he actually bought the TI-99/4A console and the cartridges and how much they did cost back then in Austria.


He bought the basic console in Novemer of 1983 with one command module. He bought another command module in February 1984. In March 1983 he bought a tape recorder from ASAHI, a TI computer book, Extended Basic and several modules.


His records sadly miss the names of the cartridges except for Extended Basic. We had Number Magic, Blackjack & Poker, Yahtzee, Indoor Soccer, Hangman. We had a pair of TI Joysticks as well. We aquired several other cartridges after some years, but he has no records about prices and time.


ProductTimeSchilling Euro USD
TI-99/4A Console11/833600 261,62348.90
Unknown Command Module 11/83690 50,1466.87
Unknown Command Module02/84269 19,5526.07
Extended Basic 03/842995 217,66290.26
Other Command Modules 03/841169 84,95113.30
Unknown TI Computer Book 03/84490 35,6147.49
Asahi Tape Recorder 03/841025 74,4999.34


Note, that my father aquired all stuff after the black friday in the US, but I don't know yet if it was known in Europe that Texas Instruments will stop the production of its console and will leave the home computer business. If anyone has more information about the happenings in Europe back in the day, please contact me.

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Reply Mario
9:19 AM on February 19, 2011 
I live in Austria and my first home computer was a TI 99/4A. I got it in December, 1984. By that time, everyone here was aware that this product was discontinued. For this reason, the TI 99/4A had been recommended to be very cheap for its value. A German TI 99/4A Magazine was being published for several more years and it ever had lots of ads for cardridges and related hardware. My Extended Basic cardridge was manufactured by "Mechatronic". I ordered it in 1985. I don't remember the price, but it was far below the original 2.995 Schilling listed above.
I remember that the TI 99/4A was extremely slow even with Extended Basic programs. Once, I tried to program a melody by translating stored notes into frequencies in real time. This, of course, invoked the exp function which was performed too slow in real time.
Reply Wesleygoogy
4:10 AM on August 18, 2018